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5 Gems of Massage

There are many benefits to massage, here are my top 5 that are not so well-known:

1) Increases flexibility & mobility

Sounds boring, but when your not flexible or mobile to move comfortably your body hurts!

2) Lowers stress levels

Massage not offers quality me-time, it also helps to lower stress hormones leaving you feeling more relaxed that leads to a better night's sleep and less reactive to outside stresses.

3) Dials down pain receptors

Studies have shown that pain is not always caused by injury in the body. Sometimes, especially with chronic conditions, the body is so used to feeling uncomfortable, that pain receptors get stuck on a loop and continually send signals through the nervous system. Massage introduces a new stimulus to the nerves allowing them to 'stitch off'.

4) Improves proprioception

This means your sense of movement, action and body position in relation to the space around you. This relates to your posture, and is particularly important after an injury or while playing sport. With regular massage people are more aware of poor form and can quickly readjust themselves.

5) Reduces recovery time & prevents injury

Massage can speed up recovery from injury and surgery by boosting circulation and aiding mobility. It can also prevent injury and re-injury as scar tissue decreases flexility that can lead to pain or tightness in the muscles and soft tissues.

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