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Here's my top 5 Myths of Massage

1) A good massage doesn't have to hurt!

Being a Deep Tissue therapist I hear so many people say 'I want a good deep massage that hurts so I know it's working' or 'Go as deep as you can, you won't hurt me!'

If you've ever had a massage that was too forceful for your body, then you know it feels awful and uncomfortable, making your muscles tense up even more - which is the opposite of what we want to achieve!

Deep Tissue doesn't mean deep pressure, it means the massage is designed to reach the barrier of your resistance and work with the tissues there. If you've ever experienced it, you'd know it's slow, so feels deep, thoughtful and profound.

This is great news for those who aren't keen on the idea of going beyond their comfort and for those who are already in pain from chronic injury.

2) Sports massage isn't only for sporty people

Its suitable for everybody! Sports massage is designed to combat repetitive activity, so that basically means everyone who does the same movements daily. Even sitting at a desk involves repetitive movements to the neck, writs and shoulders.

Sports massage targets specific muscles to aid recovery and prevent injury, and deep tissue copies that focus.

Every aspect of your lifestyle determines how your muscles move and work, from your job, hobbies and pastimes from knitting to drinking and dancing on the weekends.

3) Massage doesn't release toxins.

This old and outdated idea that was used to push the benefits before the mechanical benefits were really understood. Massage does help with circulation and lymphatic flow - which in turn does support the body in cellular waste. However, your body would not have more 'toxins' if you didn't have a massage.

4) Massage doesn't get rid of cellulite

Massage *may* improve the appearance, but the effects would be short lived. Unfortunately the dimples are so deep that no massage, cream or beauty treatment can change it permanently or remove it.

5) My personal biggest bugbear is the 'risk of massage during the 1st trimester'.

Massage poses no threat to Mother or Baby at all! During T1 the embryo is so neatly tucked away no effects of a massage puts it at risk. Plus, how many women go for a massage before they even know they are pregnant!? If massage truly was a threat, every women of child-baring age would have to take a pregnancy test before a massage! I don't know why the massage industry came up with nonsense. I'm lucky enough to have good training that enables me to support women from day 1 right into labour.

All these common myths come from poor education from us, the therapists that we have passed on for years. Unfortunately, not every therapist keeps on top of their training, so you still see these circulating.

I hope I've managed to debunk a few, and if you hear something you're not sure about, feel free to message me.

As a Therapist, I feel it's my job to keep updated on the latest research and keep educating clients on the real truth about massage. 💜

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