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FAQ's Massage


* What do I wear?

Just wear whatever you're comfortable in. Soft loose clothes are best for comfort. 

* Do I need to being anything?

No, everything will be provided for you.

* I'm unsure what kind of massage would suit me best. 

A full consultation will be taken on the first visit to discuss your medical history, lifestyle and needs. First treatment is always a nice way for you to get to know my personal style, and for me to understand your body.

* Is a consultation necessary?

Absolutely! The consultation covers basic question such as personal info, current medication - that might effect the type of massage you receive, lifestyle - just to get a snapshot of how you use your body, and past and current medical conditions that may influence your treatment plan. Every question has been selected to ensure you get the best tailor-made treatment that meets your person needs.

* I've not been for a massage before, and I'm quite nervous.

There's nothing to worry about, if you find any movement too light, too deep or just uncomfortable I'll change pressure or stop immediately - that's not a problem. 

*How often will I need a massage?

The frequency of massage all depends on your reason for treatment. As a rough guide those in pain or discomfort and find their lives are effected then weekly treatments may be required until the condition becomes more manageable. Those with mild discomfort may need fortnightly massages, and those looking for relaxation I recommend monthly massage treatments.

* Will it hurt?

I always aim to make the massage as relaxing as possible., and always work to your comfort level. If your muscles are extremely tight or tender before hand there is a possibility they might be tender during. The majority say if it is painful, it's a "good pain", that it feels good to have the tight muscles worked on.  

* I'm pregnant. Is it safe for me and my baby to have a massage?

Completely! There is no risk to massage as long as there are no complications, i.e medical attention is required. My pregnancy massage is safe from conception right up to labour.

Please message me with specific queries. 

* Why do some massage therapists say they';ll only massage after 3 months?

This is due to basic pregnancy massage training or insurance.. I've taken specialist pregnancy course that allows me to treat during all stages of pregnancy. 

During your first massage treatment

* You'll be given a client consultation form to fill in the first part that includes your personal details.

* Together we'll go through the rest of the consultation that includes medical history and current conditions.

* After discussing your needs and what you'd like from the session that day, i.e areas you'd like to be massaged, I'll talk you through your order of treatment.

* I'll show you the treatment couch and let you know if you'd be laying face up or down to begin with.

* I'll then leave the room to wash my hands and let you disrobe in privacy to the level you feel comfortable with. Some ladies wear a crop top or vest to leave on, and most men wear shorts.

* To begin the session I will invite you to take a few deep relaxing breaths, just to allow you time to unwind and relax.

* Please note: If at any time during the massage you find the pressure too light, too firm, or just uncomfortable, please let me as soon as possible. I will not be offended and I'd prefer to get your massage just right than you be uncomfortable in any way.

* To end the session I will I will invite you to take a few deep energising breaths to increase oxygen and allow yourself to slowly come around.

* I will then as you how are you feeling, to ensure you are awake, and safe for me to leave the room.

* I'll then leave the room and close the door allowing you time to come around and slowly get up and get dressed.

* When you're ready if you open the door to let me know I'll bring you a glass of water and we can discuss how you found the treatment, and what I found while working on your muscles.

* We can then discuss your treatment plan moving forward and any future recommendations.

After your massage

* Please have some water. It's so important to keep your body hydrated after a massage to help flush the muscles keeping them soft and flexible.

* It's advised to light meals not to over-stimulate the digestive system.

* Avoid alcohol if possible to prevent dehydration.

* If you had aromatherapy massage you can leave the oils on for the day to gain the most therapeutic qualities. Ensure you don't bathe in very hot water not to irritate the skin.

* If you've had deep tissue work you may feel some tenderness, just like if you've worked out and used your muscles in a way they are not used to. This is completely normal and should ease within 24/48 hours.

Soaking muscles in a warm bath, or applying a warm wheat bag may help.

Please contact me if you have any questions following your massage..